Gypsy Curses

Ambiguities thrive as a trio of travelers come together and embark on a cross-country trek. Their relationship, highlighted by banter and laughter, is strengthened in the midst of discouragement and setbacks. Weaving its way through the narrative is a wisecracking, blue-skinned pig named Aloysius who invades their dreams to stir up doubts and fears with razor-sharp mockery. S. G. Wyant, avid reader and aficionado of mysteries

Gypsy Curses is a welcome addition to LC Beadle’s adventurous life. Abell puts the journalist in the midst of an investigation into the disappearance of a popular songstress on her way to fame and fortune. His inquiries take him through a convoluted maze of falsehoods that only serve to ratchet up his determination to strip away the deception and get to the bare-knuckles truth. William D. Hastings, author of Behind Prison Walls and Candy & Blood

Gypsy Curses, the sixth installment of The Beadle Files, begins in Buffalo where LC Beadle is investigating the mysterious disappearance of Bernadette Millier, a cabaret singer climbing the rungs of success. During the course of his digging and inquires, he discovers a bombshell secret about her manager Alfonso Kosteas, which the pair had conspired to keep hidden.

The narrative weaves its way around organized crime circles populated by gangsters, including Stefano Galleo, an authoritative kingpin who is somewhat obsessed with Bernadette Millier. His fixation results in him pulling strings and manipulating events on her behalf.

In Durango, Tatiyana Baglio, proprietor of Jewel’s Tea and Spice Emporium, is kept busy by those seeking an advantage by receiving a glimpse of the future, including Jack Whistler and a pair of veteran mobsters, Hacksaw Maddox and Jimmy Pachino.

Josiah Grassley, along with Cynthia Sue Hopple and Megan Kitner, are on an urgent quest to recover a treasure entrusted to Josiah then stolen by a pair of ne’er do well flimflammers. The travelers form a bond and experience misadventures whilst being enlightened or entertained by a never-ending commentary from Cynthia Sue telling longwinded stories gleaned from her past.