Outlaw Secrets

Debts are paid, love blossoms, and secrets are revealed in this compelling continuation of The Beadle Files. The intricately woven story of intrigue, danger and love takes an exciting twist as the attention of our hero journalist and his squad turns toward the gangster underbelly of Chicago. The vividly drawn characters that captured our imagination earlier in the series each take a turn center-stage, while several quirky new personalities join the adventures. All this is set against the backdrop of a world made up of equal parts grit and grace.—Elizabeth Rae Zurn, producer at Vinrock Media.

The shocking opening scene of Outlaw Secrets sets in motion a bloody struggle for supremacy in the criminal underworld that spans the nation. Abell manages this larger scope effortlessly as he delivers thrilling intrigue and action rooted in ageless themes of ambition, power, love and revenge. Everyone has an angle or scheme they’re working. Vivid characters are masterfully rendered with honest, frail humanity as they contemplate their mortality in the face of murder, upheaval and eternity.—William D. Hastings, author of Behind Prison Walls and Candy & Blood.

Outlaw Secrets, the third installment of The Beadle Files, finds LC Beadle embroiled in Printan investigation of the criminal underworld in Chicago. The intrigues begin at a construction site on the northside where the journalist is to meet with an informant but gets a surprise that is the beginning of a trail of destruction and murder as a hardboiled enforcer goes on a rampage.

Meanwhile in Durango, tension develops between CJ Fralick and Katey Rae Wyant, but for Sonny Trego everything is Jake. He’s advancing his newspaper career, making plans for the future and carrying on a long-distance relationship with a college girl.

In a remote box canyon north of the city, Yaz Lightfoot is on a spiritual quest as he awaits the arrival of his wife. He chops wood, reminisces, is visited by a nightmare, prays, meditates, and in all his contemplations, a thriving sense of hopeful anticipation swells in his heart.

Near Wagon Wheel Gap, Mandy Kilmer experiences a great disappointment. In the throes of a meltdown, she gets encouragement from Bethsuelo Weitzel that steels her resolve. With the help of her family she schemes and makes plans to seize and take hold of the bright and hopeful future she’s dreamt about since schoolgirl days.

In the midst of the violence and maneuvering in Chicago, Jack Whistler, the master of information and proprietor of the Backdoor Vault, tosses out a throwaway remark that defines the web of conspiracy: “I’ve got a thousand rumors, which one do you want to hear?”

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