Pieces of Justice

“Abell’s storytelling, gritty and real, gets better with each installment. Pieces of Justice takes us further down the road in the ongoing saga of Deacon Coburn and those souls who are, knowingly or unknowingly, connected to him. Life and death, sickness and health, along with good and evil, are all mixed together in this wholly realistic adventure set in the expansion of the old American west. Each chapter brings a reminder that life, then and now, is a mixture of the spiritual and the carnal, and that justice, while often slow, does eventually come.”—Ron Bowell, author of Friar Tuck’s Word of the Day: Volumes I, II & III

“Man’s capacity for both the deepest depravity as well as the most admirable and unselfish of actions has been a theme throughout the Deacon Coburn series. In Pieces of Justice the light and dark aspects of human nature are exposed as each character must take a stand in the culminating battle between good and evil. This fight rages amidst the reality of bloodshed and peril. With vivid and startling images Abell pulls back the veil to give a glimpse of deeper truths about spiritual warfare waged in earthly and heavenly realms. PrintThe author succeeds in entwining the twisty threads so that the narrative builds to a thrilling and heart-wrenching conclusion.”—William D. Hastings, author of Behind Prison Walls, and also, Candy and Blood

Pieces of Justice, is a tale on the move that continues the adventures of Deacon Coburn and company which began in Days of Purgatory. The everlasting conflict between good and evil weaves its way through the storyline to a stunning conclusion awash in an array of natural and supernatural elements.

A mosaic of subplots dovetail into the overarching theme. A brassy woman with a mysterious past is on a cross-country mission to find Deacon Coburn, and she keeps her intentions hidden. Times are changing, which has a rakish gambler immersed in nostalgia, while a world traveler revisits Dodge City. Lives and perspectives are altered when a beloved mother and friend gets sick and dies. A River Brethren woman is overwhelmed by melancholia that is exacerbated by spiritual abuse. There are also revelations about characters that increase the intrigue.

Through it all, words of encouragement from Whitey Fitzgerald to a grieving boy provide a framework of truth: “Let me tell you something about hurting, boss. Hurting has no end. We get some faith and healing and distance enough to kick the past to the past, but nevertheless, we carry every scar until jubilee day when the Lord calls us home to glory.”

Pieces of Justice can be purchased at AMAZON or WIPF & STOCK.

“Another riveting book in the Deacon Coburn series. If you have read the first four installments, you won’t want to miss this one. If you haven’t, you will want to begin with the first book Days of Purgatory and immerse yourself in the Civil War era West. The characters are well developed, the plot lines are engaging, and the themes of grace and redemption are woven throughout the series. Be warned that the content can sometimes be disturbing, but the author does not shy away from the horrors and reality of life. I still believe that Hollywood is missing out on a great subject. Perhaps someday.—Spaceman Spiff.

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