Idiot Dreams

As he has previously proven, here again Ken R. Abell distinguishes himself as a talented storyteller with a true gift for character development. His ability to give glimpses of the mystery allows the reader to keep putting the jigsaw puzzle clues together. Idiot Dreams entertains and educates as it mixes the drama of sleuthing with a window into historic settings and perspectives. S. G. Wyant, an aficionado of mysteries.

The opening scene of Idiot Dreams is richly layered in nuance and sets the tone for all the action and maneuvering that follows. Abell doesn’t ever shy away from the ominous quirks and quandaries of intrigue: His characters are never bland or one-dimensional, but rather, complex and riddled with all the doubts and frailties of the human condition.   William D. Hastings, author of Behind Prison Walls and Candy & Blood

Idiot Dreams, the fifth installment of The Beadle Files, begins in the midst of a mysterious encounter in the fog. LC Beadle is on a quest for information from an informant who warns him of secrets and danger whilst he wonders what he’s doing in Tennessee. As the multidimensional story unfolds many characters chance upon mystery or warnings of danger whilst asleep.

Emma Rafferty and Tatiyana Baglio are concerned that Sonny Trego is out of his depth and in the way of trouble; much pessimism surrounds an early conversation between the pianist and the Gypsy. Meanwhile, Sonny Trego is busily running hither and yon chasing leads for stories to advance his career while his relationship with Bonnie Heckert becomes more serious. However, unbeknownst to either of them, fate has intentions to play a cruel trick.

Several characters are bedeviled by encounters with Aloysius, the blue-skinned pig. It seems that Aloysius knows and sees all, or at least, he believes that is so. The freakish beast also claims to have wicked wrath and extraterrestrial powers. Meanwhile, in a dream within a dream, Bethsuelo Twosongs has a face-to-face conversation with the red-skinned fiend of the netherworld.

In the meantime, at WT Ranch near Wagon Wheel Gap in Colorado, CJ Beadle is pregnant and having dream-encounters with a curiosity-seeking spider monkey named Abner. There seems to be no way for her to escape his unwanted advances, inquisitive nature, or his unflinching and relentless warning: Danger, danger, danger for LC Beadle.

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